Solar PV (Photovoltaics) systems are one of the simplest, dependable and cost effective ways to reduce your business’ carbon footprint, reduce rising energy costs and future-proof your business with technology that presents a statement of corporate responsibility and energy saving solutions.

BCS will work closely with you to provide a solar solution for your office, warehouse, factory, farm or any type of commercial premises.  Whether your Solar PV system is roof or ground mounted on frames, BCS have the expertise and experience to provide a Solar PV solution to bring your business the best in money saving and environmentally green technology.

BCS have been providing electrical and mechanical services to commercial clients for over a decade and by tailoring our skills and expertise, the installation of Solar Power and Renewable Energy has been a natural extension of our services for our commercial client. Beaumont Construction are proud to provide a one-stop shop for Solar and Renewable Energy to a whole range of Commercial groups including the Agricultural Industry.

With rising energy costs and the demand for more power, lighting and IT resources, Commercial businesses are looking to the need to not only increase their power supply but to help cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.  Solar PV is a cost effective, clean energy resource that can be utilised within new construction or installed to existing suitable locations.

Solar PV has become a source of renewable energy favoured by the Agricultural Industry where power used is high and resources tightly monitored.  The use of Solar PV is an ideal solution that can be installed to the numerous out-buildings often attached to agricultural premises making a cost effective green solution to the pressures of today.  Farmers are able to use their annual investment allowance for their renewable energy installation which has an upper limit of £100,000 until April 2012, although being fixed equipment, the installation will only be eligible for a 10% annual writing down allowance. The use of these capital allowances cannot be applied to any element of the installation that relates to a farmer’s private dwelling.

Solar PV can provide a clean, stable energy source when you require it the most and with the income generated by Feed-in-Tariffs which is guaranteed for 25 years, Solar PV is the energy source of the future. BCS’s experienced designers and engineers can specify the most effective Solar PV systems for your commercial premises as well as securing planning permission, electrical connections and, if required, our after-sales service will maintain your Solar PV system to ensure optimum efficiency.

Now is the best time to install Solar PV as Feed-in-Tariffs will decrease after 31st March 2012 with a further decrease yearly from thereon.  Solar PV is an investment for the future that will help the environment and save energy costs for you and your business.