It is fundemental to us that we build and maintain the commerical side of our business, alongside the communities they inhabit. Creating successful, thriving communities, that give longeavity and prosperous environments for people to grow, work, and live in.

Therefore we maximise the benefits of every single business acitivity to better our local communities.

Key targets:

  • Education and young people
    Delivering mentoring programmes, partnerships and
    working strategically with local schools, to provide
    support and increase the educational aspirations and
    skills of young people
  • Employment and skills
    Supporting the delivery of traineeships, employment
    and skills development for our local residents and the
    communities in which we work
  • Developing social impact and supporting community infrastructure Championing and supporting resident and community-led initiatives that tackle key social issues

Charitable associations

BCS are proud to support a number of charities that we believe in. We have and will continue to actively support and participate in events for the charities we support.

We support

If you would like BCS to partner and support you organisation or event, please contact us
by emailing:

Career opportunities

BCS is fully committed to developing a highly trained and qualified workforce that are able to perform to the highest standards, completing contracts on time and within budget.

We strives to create an environment that allows us to attract, develop and retain a diverse and talented workforce. The door is always open to enthusiastic, well motivated and above all friendly people to join our various departments.

If you are interested in any of the employment opportunities listed below please call us on: 0207 394 3411 or alternatively email your CV directly to: