Load Monitoring

Consuming to much energy but not sure why?

BCS (Electrical & Building) Ltd Load Monitoring Service will provide you with the information you need to make changes to your energy uses and therefore leading to better energy usage and reduced electricity costs.

We can capture data from your key operating systems with each load summarised to determine which loads offer the biggest potential for energy savings.

It’s a simple and fast services and allows us to capture the required data quickly and efficiently without disrupting your working day.

BCS (Electrical & Building) Ltd Load Monitoring will help you avoid overloading the system and serve as a forward planner when you want to add future equipment to the system.

We will be happy to discuss how Electrical Load Monitoring can help you. Services are conducted by Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals using the latest monitoring equipment and software.

Businesses can achieve significant savings on their energy bills by allowing businesses to proactively monitor energy use.