Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging works by producing live images of heat emitted from equipment and looks for unexpected hot spots which can then be analysed to detect any hidden defects.

BCS (Electrical & Building) Ltd provides high specification thermographic surveys at competitive prices. Using the latest Thermal Imaging equipment, We can detect potential faults that can’t be seen by electricians.

Electrical thermal imaging is the most effective solution for detecting faults, hot spots and loose connections, making this a highly practical and cost-effective solution for everyday electrical maintenance.

Thermal Imaging will bring you peace of mind that your electrical equipment won’t let you down.

On a safety note, Thermal Imaging can detect electrical failures that could lead to fires or potential explosions if left unchecked. Thermal Imaging detects potential faults before they happen, giving you the time to take the appropriate preventative action and bring you peace of mind.

We will be happy to discuss the benefits of providing a Thermal Imagining service for your electrical equipment. Thermal Imaging is a cost effective solution to detecting electrical defects before they occur and BCS (Electrical & Building) Ltd have the expertise to make it happen.