Installation of Solar PV

Solar PV panels can be fitted to pitched or flat roofs and vertically onto external walls or located on the ground or integrated into glazing or cladding systems.  Solar PV panels can be installed in any home or business, whatever location.  With sunlight produced in the UK varying throughout the country, the South generally produces more light than the North, with the summer months generating more sunlight than the winter.  With different degrees, Solar PV will work profitably in most locations and even if you don’t collect enough sunlight to provide all the electricity you need, you can significantly reduce your electricity costs by reducing the amount of power you buy in.

Beaumont Construction will conduct a free initial survey to determine the best location for your solar PV panels with an estimate on cost and a potential energy audit.  As long as no part of the panel is shaded from daylight by adjacent buildings or overhanging trees, Solar PV should work efficiently in most locations.    Solar PV panels are often electrically connected together to create an array to cover a greater area, enabling generation of more electricity or for flexibility when fitting, like shaping around a roof or avoiding roof lights.

Beaumont Construction are highly qualified in all aspects of design, installation and commissioning of electrical systems.  Our long and varied experience within the electrical field has made our Solar PV division a natural extension of our skills and expertise.

After the initial cost of installing Solar PV panels, your electricity costs will be greatly reduced.  Sunshine is a free resource, and an average Solar PV system in a typical house can produce around 40% of electricity per year.  Your Solar PV system may produce more electricity than you can use, you then have the option of selling back your electricity with Feed-in Tariffs which are a Government-backed incentive to make producing renewable energy a worthwhile choice.  The Energy Saving Trust website gives information on the various tariffs and how they are calculated.   At the present, systems installed between April 2010 and March 2012 will be eligible for the present rate Feed-in-Tariffs but systems installed after 31 March 2012 will decrease, with a further decrease in systems installed after April 2013.  There is a strong incentive to have your Solar PV panels installed before 31 March 2012 to ensure the best rates available.

The benefits of installing Solar PV are long term, with savings eventually outweighing installation costs in future years.   The popularity of solar power in recent years has made installation costs more competitive.  Solar PV is an attractive investment that will not only increase the value of your property by greatly adding to the resale value, a home which produces its own power supply, coupled with the increasing cost of electricity, makes a solar powered home very attractive to potential buyers.

For a free consultation on how Solar PV can work for you, why not give Beaumont Construction a call, we can help you light the way to a greener, more energy efficient future.