Chilled Water Systems

The efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems is constantly evolving and BCS remain at the cutting edge of Chilled Water System technology.

Chilled Water Systems are ideal for commercial properties, hotels, residential homes or data centres and offer energy efficiency as they are able to cool large areas at once, and are a highly functional and practical air conditioning solution.

Chilled Water Systems work by distributing chilled water to an air handling unit, the air is cooled and then circulated back to the chiller. Heat gets transferred from the air to the chilled water causing it to cool and dehumidify the air stream ensuring complete quick, easy and efficient cooling of the atmosphere.

BCS’s highly skilled team can install or maintain your Chilled Water System to the highest possible standards.

The advantage of a Chilled Water System is designed around economy of scale. Operation of one large scale system is more economical than a customer operating individual systems within a building.

An added advantage of a chilled water system is that if the chilled water piping leaks anywhere in the building, only water is lost and repairs often only require relatively simple plumbing work.

A Chilled Water System is cost effective and efficient and commercial customers can lower their air conditioning costs to around 20% by incorporating a Chilled Water System.

BCS will be happy to discuss the advantages of installing a Chilled Water System or maintaining your present system. Our highly qualified engineers have over 10 years experience of Chilled Water Systems.